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Peaty'S Kedjeolja Linklube Wet 60Ml

Peaty'S Kedjeolja Linklube Wet 60Ml
Peaty's LinkLube Wet 60ml

LinkLube Wet Weather chain lube is a bespoke irish coffee scented blend of oils, waxes & powerful corrosion inhibitors that will give you a super smooth, hyper-durable, quiet running chain in the wettest, filthiest riding conditions.

Born out of the gruelling requirements of Enduro World Series (EWS) races, riders often need to ride all day in the wettest, filthiest conditions. We’ve designed LinkLube Wet to cope with these demands and more - easily lasting a full day riding in any condition whilst not turning into a thick, impossible to clean, gunk which wet lubes are renowned for.

LinkLube Wet is a higher viscosity blend of waxes and oils with a higher concentration of waxes and corrosion inhibitors compared to LinkLube All-Weather. The high wax concentration makes LinkLube wet much quieter and smoother running, whilst also lasting much longer than LinkLube All-Weather on long rides in the wettest conditions.

Developed over three years, LinkLube Wet has been battered and beaten into shape by some of the world’s best EWS, XC, Road and Cyclocross riders through a process of prototype, test, critique, improve, repeat.
Outside of racing, many test rides were conducted using eBikes, where chains are under extreme levels of torque for long periods of time. If you combine this constant torque with smashing mud and puddles, grinding steep hills, rapid descending - then repeat on loop until the battery dies - you’ve got yourself the perfect chain lube testing ground (who said testing chain lubes was boring!).

1) Always fully degrease your drivetrain before applying fresh lube. For best results, use Peaty's Drivetrain Degreaser.
2) Ensure you thoroughly wash your chain with clean water after degreasing (degreaser is designed to eat chain oil after all).
3) Remove as much water as you can from the chain.
4) Give the bottle a good shake.
5) Apply the lube while cycling the chain backwards (eBikes will need to be pedalled forwards in a stand) ensuring every link is adequately covered.
6) Keep cycling the chain for 10 seconds or so to help the lube work its way into your chain.
7) Thoroughly wipe away all excess lube from your chain using a clean cloth.

Do not get LinkLube (or any lube for that matter!) on your brakes or brake pads.
EAN-kod: 5060541581890
Artikelnummer: 01008900722OS
Tillverkarens artikelnummer:PWL-60
Tillverkarens färg:NOCOLOR
Hemsida tillverkare:https://peatys.co.uk/
Volym ml:120

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